The good and the bad

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

Chaotic sounds like a word with a negative meaning when you hear it first.
It makes you think of messy rooms, getting thrown off track, having to pull yourself out of a bad situation and start over.
But it also has a positive side to it.
It shows you that it is the ultimate essence of life. You cannot have order without chaos being there first.
That the good goes hand in hand with the bad.
That it can make you reorganize your emotions, thoughts, perspectives – your life.
It can make you start over, start fresh.

So, let there be chaos and find your new way.

4 thoughts on “The good and the bad

  1. Thank you for this immensely interesting take on chaos. It had never occured to me that we need chaos in order to move forward and it’s true! I also did a post in response to this daily prompt and I would be honoured if you popped over!

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