The Unknown

Life is a constant series of questions day by day. For some maybe more so night by night.
Constantly we keep asking ourselves, the people around us, God, whatever, whoever is close to us:

The questions start to get more intense and severe the older we get.
Sometimes we are too afraid to ask them so they keep on echoing in our heads, over and over and over again.
Too preoccupied with the future, we forget that there is a here and now answering a big part of those questions.

And do we really need an answer? Can’t we be happy with knowing that everything will sort itself out eventually and we will – hopefully – be wiser in the end?
Life’s thrill is not about these questions but about the unknown they keep shining a little light onto.
The unknown is terrifying.
Humans cannot handle it.
They need to know. Everything.
The weather. Will it rain tomorrow? I need to know so I can dress accordingly.
– How about dressing how you feel like and letting the nature surprise you?
The name of the pretty girl/cute guy you met at the bus stop yesterday and most probably will never see again.
– How about you keep that person in your memory as exactly that: pretty girl/cute guy and smile when you think about that brief moment you noticed each other and then never met again?
The future. How will my 2017 turn out to be?
– How about taking it day-by-day and actually living your 2017?

This constant worrying about tomorrow makes us forget about the beauty of today. We get lost in what might be, whereas we should walk in today’s footsteps and find our tomorrow.

The unknown is a thrill by itself. But instead of terrifying us, it should excite us for what is yet to come.
Don’t be afraid. Just live.

Much love



The picture was taken by me on a fair somewhere in Germany 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Unknown

  1. Life is like traveling at night with your headlights on, portions of the road gradually unfolds as you drive forward. You can’t see the whole stretch of the road yet you know that when you continue moving forward you’ll get to your destination.
    Great post!

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