2016 is coming to an end

wp-1482961397370.jpgHey there,

it’s been a little while since my last blog post because with everything that’s been going down in my country, I couldn’t really find the right mood to write anything.

There had been explosions and many civilians lost their lives again. It is kind of weird (I cannot find another word to describe how I feel about it because it is devastating actually) to be in the middle of it all and be one of those who got to live another day. I can’t really be thankful for that because so many others DID actually lose their lives.

I just wish that all this senseless killing would stop and we could appreciate each other in our diversity in culture, beliefs, ideas, thoughts and lives.
But I think that mankind has reached a low in being human in the past couple years and 2016 just seems to be the top of the utter negativity so far.

Yes. 2016, you have disappointed and let down many people this year. Wars, terrorist attacks all over the world, Trump becoming President, countless people separating; I don’t even know what else.
It has been a hard year. But what is really sad is that we have gotten so used to see shit go down around us that sometimes we catch ourselves not giving these things the attention they actually deserve.
We say our condolences but do we really actually feel what all of this means? Do we allow to feel those emotions to the fullest?
We don’t.
But we should.
Because then we would actually try to better this world. Try to leave a piece of love instead of devastation.
Every small act counts in this. I believe it. Spreading peace and understanding in the form of thoughts is not too hard to do. And everyone can do it.
So you should.

With the neverending hope that humans will better themselves, I wish you and your families a (hopefully) better 2017, with less devastating news when you turn on your TV’s and more peaceful togetherness.

Take care and much love


Bit of music, as usual 🙂

Both pictures were taken by me somewhere in Istanbul, one in a mall, the other one at a marina.


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