Souls – A Poem


Somewhere along the way I lost my soul.
To another wandering one
That came and took control
Over who I am, up until the last bit.

He made me shiver, he made me question,
Everything wrong was right,
Everything right was wrong,
And I couldn’t get a hold.

I slipped through my fingers,
He pulled me in like the sun pulls in the earth.
I was drawn to every last bit of him
Like a lucky charm, his lips on my chin.

Somewhere along the way we turned to different directions.
He went his right, I went my right.
And what I thought would never be over
Eventually didn’t last forever.

Somewhere along the way we meet many other souls.
Maybe they know where to go or maybe – just like us – they are lost.
But what matters is not where we’re going.

What matters is

That somewhere along the way we are not alone.
We don’t have to walk alone.
We can hold someones hand and walk together.
Towards where the sun comes shining through.
Drawing us to its’ warmth like it draws everything that ever lived.

And I want you to know
That however our roads met each other
However my glaze touched your glaze
So long as we walk together
I’m here to hold your hand.

And even if you think you’re broken inside
Know that your cracks are how the light gets in.
And the kindness of your heart shines through
And even if you try to hide it
I can see the life inside of you.

Thank you…


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