Souls – A Poem

Souls Somewhere along the way I lost my soul. To another wandering one That came and took control Over who I am, up until the last bit. He made me shiver, he made me question, Everything wrong was right, Everything right was wrong, And I couldn’t get a hold. I slipped through my fingers, He … More Souls – A Poem

The Unknown

Life is a constant series of questions day by day. For some maybe more so night by night. Constantly we keep asking ourselves, the people around us, God, whatever, whoever is close to us: What…? When…? Who…? Where…? Why…? The questions start to get more intense and severe the older we get. Sometimes we are … More The Unknown

Some Days

Today I wanted to share a poem I wrote. Some days I laugh a lot. Jokes, friends, funny incidences. Distractions. Some days I speak a lot. Stories, past, present, future. Smalltalk. Some days I think a lot. Thoughts. Me. You. What had been. What will be. And some days I’m still. Peace, freedom, nothingness. Silence. … More Some Days

What if…?

Hey everyone, so first of all, I want to thank everyone who followed my blog and started reading what I’m writing over here! It really makes me happy to know that I can brighten someone’s day just by writing. Today, I want to write about everyone who ever doubted themselves. This also includes me on … More What if…?

What drives us?

So, here is my first entry. I want to explain what drove me to create this page – which took much longer than I imagined, since there are a billion things you can adjust and customize 🙂 Yesterday, a dear friend of mine, W.O. – one of the most inspirational and motivational people I know  … More What drives us?